Real Love- Are You Settling?

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    Today’s section consist of nuggets that I have collected along the way in my research for  Battle of the Sexes- Meeting of the minds in the area of relationships.

    Are Interracial Relationships Biblical?

    In conducting research for this series, I have gained a true appreciation of the idea of men and women coming together and learning each other.  The conversations that I have entertained for this series, has made me realize more than ever that it’s time that men and women not only try to understand each other but learn from each other. And at the end of the day, respect each others differences in every area.

    I believe that we are all different, but foundationally in many ways we are all the same. Let’s take relationships for instance. The way that men and women approach a relationship is totally different: one method more logical and the other method more emotional. During my numerous conversations with men, I learned that from hello to the 1st date (if that long- usually at hello) most men have sized up a woman and put her in a corresponding category- buddy or wife and treats her according to her category.

    Women on the other hand fall in love at hello and by the first date (in her mind) they are married with children and are living happily ever after, all before the appetizer. Although these are generalizations and it is not like this for everyone, it does make you pause and evaluate your thought process when encountering someone who you are interested in.

    Battle of the sexes hearts

    I have heard from so many during this time of reflection regarding men and women and their differences, especially in the area of love. I have heard the joy and pain affiliated with what most call love. The bottom line is that we all want to be loved, but we need to put an honest face on what love really means and what real love looks like.

    Manolos Vs. Maddens: A Lesson About Why Men Don’t Pursue

    During the advice segment, I asked men what should a woman know and I asked women what should a man know, when it comes to relationships. I received the following:

    The men stated:

    Ladies, when a man really loves you he wants to spend time with you. He wants to call you. He wants to make time for you. Nothing can stop him from being there with you or for you. Don’t ever short change yourself. Allow yourself to be treated like the awesome wonderful queen you are.

    The ladies stated:

    Men, choose a woman who understands that she is there to encourage and build you up, not tear you down. Seek a woman who wants to work out whatever issues you have individually and as a couple. Stop embracing selfish women who are always taking and never giving. Find a woman who loves you for you. Stop settling for anything less.

    I wanted to just share these nuggets with you. I hope they offer some type of helpful insight. Most of all I hope they encouraged you to wait for God’s best in every area, but especially in the area of love.


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