24 Day Fitness Challenge Update (VIDEO)

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    Hello folks Ken Coward here with the  latest news on my 24 Day Fitness Challenge.  Day one was Friday, I will discuss Day one in the  video below. Saturday and Sunday’s workouts (Days 2 and 3) both consisted of sprint intervals on the treadmill, punching bag sessions and stretching totaling 60 minutes. For the treadmill workout, I started on level 7 and finished at level 12. I ran for 30 seconds and rested for 30 seconds. As the levels increased I allowed myself more rest time (45sec to 1 minute.) (TREADMILL SPRINTING  IS AN ADVANCED  EXERCISE, BEGINNERS SHOULD START WITH BRISK WALKING ON THE TREADMILL.) My meals for the day s are listed below.

    Breakfast- Boiled Egg, Organic Cereal, Isagenix Slim Cakes, a glass of purified water and a  shot of Isagenix Cleanse for life.

    Lunch- Turkey Burger Sandwich, Apple, Salad

    Snack-  Peas and Love Meal Replacememnt, Apple, Isagenix Want More Energy Drink.

    Dinner- Subway Chicken Breast Sandwich and Green Tea

    Post workout- Peas And Love Meal Replacement, Shot of Cleanse For Life.

    My next video will be Monday night. I will go over days 2-4, I’ll talk to you the.

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