How To Be A Practical Vegetarian

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    When I  read and hear about meat recalls on various meats such as beef, pork and chicken, I move closer to becoming a vegetarian.  When I need to get some reality television I pop in the DVD of the documentary, “Food Inc.” to see how certain meats are processed.  It works every time.  Yuck! But how can I let chicken wings go forever?  I can say that I’ve transitioned to more organic foods and can taste the difference and feel better about my choices.


    Huffington Post writer Gopi Kallayil gives us a realistic approach on being a Practical Vegetarian.  Her definition of being a Practical Vegetarian is an individual who almost always eats plant-based food when that option is available. And when that option is unavailable you opt to eating whatever food is  available without drama.  The difference between being a strict vegetarian versus a practical vegetarian is the world of difference between easily following a kind diet and struggling to stick to a strict regimen.  It makes sense and sounds worth trying.  Are YOU interested in eating healthier and adding more vegetables into your diet?

    Check out these tips Kallayil suggests for being a practical vegetarian:

    Eat plant-based food as much as you can when you have the choice. And eat them as close to their natural state as possible. If you can point to something on your plate and see that it is a carrot or aubergine or a bean that is excellent. And if it is not cooked or processed in any way and even closer to its natural state you are in dietary heaven.

    The more colorful your plate the better.
    Nature has done a pretty good job in building the right signals into us. A plate that is exploding in naturally occurring greens and red and pink and purple is visually appealing. But it is also likely a healthy plate with a balanced set of nutrients you need.

    Choose and eat mindfully, consciously. Put things on your plate mindfully. Be conscious of what plants, fruits and vegetables you are putting on your plate. Be conscious of how much or how little you need to feed you body and your taste buds. And eat mindfully too. Be aware of the taste, texture, smells of the food you eat. Be conscious of the natural goodness and life energy that is packed into the crunchy lettuce, juicy carrot and sweet grape you are eating.

    For more tips and to read entire article click here

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