Get The Real Answers About Your Family Health History

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    Knowing your family history is important when it comes to your health.  It helps you and your physician when it comes to determining certain diagnosis or during routine check-ups.  Dr. Shawn gives us an in-depth answer for one of our curious Elev8 readers who was curious about knowing their family history.  Check out what Dr. Shawn says:


    Q:  Dr. Shawn, I have a family history of heart attack and/or stroke: how might it  affect my health?

    A:  Heredity is only one risk of the major risk factors for developing coronary artery disease and /or cerebral vascular disease.  Other risk factors include:




    cigarette smoking


    male older than 55 years of age

    post-menopausal female

    If a first- degree relative has a heart attack or stroke before age 50 without any other risk factors, then your chances of having a similar event are increased.  It is important to assess your risk factors and determine those which can be changed with lifestyle modifications and those which need to be treated by your physician with medication.

    Cardiovascular diseases remain the most common causes of death, responsible for 40% of all deaths, almost 1 million deaths each year.  Cardiovascular disease was considered to be more frequent in men than in women. However, the percentage of all deaths secondary to cardiovascular disease is higher among women (43%) than among men (37%).  The information for heart disease goes beyond just the genetic makeup but extends to the lessons we inherit from our families that influence dietary and behavior patterns such as excessive salt intake, calories, or cigarette smoking.

    To know more and get your health questions answered ask DR. SHAWN

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