Has Fantasia Been Dropped From Mahalia Jackson Bio Movie?

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    Fantasia and her rumored dismissal from the Mahalia Jackson biographical film has made the rounds.

    According to Fantasia’s statements yesterday this is all blown out of proportion. She says:

    “When I was watching and it came across,” I was ready to walk to New York. I almost went into labor, because it was the first time that I’ve heard anything about that. I haven’t spoken to the family, haven’t heard anything from the family. “There were no contracts signed and there was no set date and time,” she says. “When this came out, I jumped out of my bed. I’m hoping this didn’t come from a producer, because again there’s no black and white. There’s nothing in black and white. We waited on them and they said the money didn’t come through.So, I was a little p***ed off, because I wanted to make the family proud and most of all I wanted to make Mahalia Jackson proud and my fans and everyone else who’s been following me.” ”

    So does that mean there won’t be a movie?  Maybe the correct  thing for Fantasia to do is sit down and re think why people could possibly upset with an woman who is having a child under questionable circumstances.

    That actually might be the better approach. Anyone else agree?

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