Forgotten Where You Come From?

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    Has your day ever been interrupted by a single thought? Of course it has, if not, I’d say you need a life. I’ve been saved for over ten years now; blissfully happy and more importantly walking in the kind of peace I never would have thought was possible.

    Like many, I got radically saved and my testimony is interesting enough. My life was awful, I was very suicidal and the only thing keeping me alive from 1993 to 1997 was my kid. I tried to commit suicide on more than one occasion, almost succeeding the first time, however, after having my son, I decided I had a reason to live. The thought of my child being brought up by someone else in this world was enough for me to take us both out of our misery, but thank God my mom sensed it and came to spend a couple of weeks with me shortly after I got home from the hospital.

    Fast forward sixteen years later and here we are, living a life of peace and and unspeakable joy. A life filled with the kind of favor and victory that only God can give. And while I don’t live a perfect life, it has been very fulfilling, more than I could ever have imagined. I live a life of purpose and where there is purpose, there is fulfillment and provision. The fulfillment comes from knowing there is a plan and purpose for my life; more importantly, to know exactly what that purpose is.  But if we are not careful, in this place of provision is where we can lose site of the needful thing, thankfulness.

    Life is so good for many of us that we forget how far God has actually brought us. Our minds are no longer bound by our misfortune as children and we begin to think on the greater things. Things that are above and not beneath; things that are good and lovely and of a good report. We begin to think in terms of kingdom business and changing our immediate world and the world of those around us for the better. We begin to think in terms of what new businesses we can build, how to finish that book, get it published, and support ministries we’re trying to build to feed the poor, sick, shut-in, homeless and fatherless. So much to do and so little time…I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Back to my story…

    I was recently on one of my social networking sites and a friend from elementary school had written me a note that read something similar to this…

    “Morning Lisa, I was on your profile the other day and read one of your notes about childhood that stated you were a sad kid. If you don’t mind me asking, why? I thought you were the prettiest girl I ever saw in elementary and why was she so sad? You don’t have to answer, but I just had to ask.”

    I answered his note in kind without elaborating on my childhood, however, I was immediately arrested by his question. Very quickly, I was reminded of how far God has brought me and how much he has done for me since giving my life over to him. In the midst of trying to start a new business and already juggling one one of my own while working for someone else’s, I’ve been so busy complaining about time and resources, and being stretched thin, that frustration was beginning to consume me.

    In that moment, I began to thank God for how far he has brought me; no more sleepless nights, no more fear, no more depression.  I thanked Him for showing me how to love my self and my fellow man and rather than complaining about my current situation and circumstances, I rejoiced for what’s to come and more importantly, reminded myself of the fact that if he never does anything else for me, HE HAS DONE ENOUGH. The life I have at this moment compared to the former is without equal.

    The love of Christ is immeasurable.  His goodness and mercy surely endureth forever!  He’s the great I AM; whatever I need Him to be!  He’s my deliverer and my healer!  THERE IS NONE LIKE UNTO THEE (Psalm 86:8)!  I am thankful!

    Many thanks to the dear gentleman that sent the note.  I am thankful for you.

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