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One group rushing emergency aid to the people of Israel is the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

They’ve also recently launched a campaign explaining why Israel is waging war in Gaza and suggesting ways Christians can help.

Just prior to the current Gaza conflict, IFCJ founder and president Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein visited Sderot, Israel. He experienced just a small taste of what many Israelis have suffered for eight years.

“That is a missile coming in,” Eckstein said. “You don’t know where it is going to land. The siren goes off which roughly gives you fifteen seconds.”

A rocket launched from Gaza by Hamas terrorists hit just yards from Eckstein and his team. It was a close call for them, but other Israelis have been less fortunate.

“For eight years, families, children elderly people, everyone going to work, to the supermarket, going to school, sending your children on a bus and fearing that siren,” he said. “The time has come when Israel is bringing this to a halt.”

Eckstein says Israelis are counting on America and Christian friends to stand with them at this time–a time when condemnation and international pressure against Israel is intense.

“I believe in the power of prayer, so the first thing I would urge you to do is to pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” he said. “Pray for the brave, young Israeli soldiers who are out their and fighting, risking their lives today. Pray that there will be little civilian casualties on both sides.”

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