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The title refers to a saying in pro sports. This saying  will also apply to everyone reading today.I want to be thorough as possible as I put together this lifestyle program for everyone. One component which I overlooked was the “Cheat day”. This is the day in which you eat whatever you want. The cheat day can be very important, it can make or break you during the early stages of your program. I feel you should make the cheat day a part of your program. It takes a very discipline person to change their diet cold turkey. I think it’s safe to say the majority of people that try to go cold turkey fail. The goal with the cheat day is to be proactive and not let your desire to repeat old habits overwhelm you. A lifestyle change has to involve minimum stress. Having your favorite snack during the process isn’t going to kill you. I feel it will help you stay focused and appreciate the new lifestyle even more.

So many of my clients are in shock when they no longer crave coke or diet pepsi. They can never believe they accomplished such a difficult task. Some of them were coke drinkers most of their lives. One day they woke up and didn’t want coke…that simple. Well not the simple but what I always do is find out how much coke they drink,then cut the intake in half for starters. As the coke consumption decreases I introduce the cheat day. Most of the time the coke  is the first thing to leave the cheat day menu.I actually have to remind people of the cheat day. People get so excited they think they can take on the world. I have to bring them back to reality because I know they will need that cheat day down the road.

What we must remember about the cheat day is we all are different. Some people may want a cheat day once a week, some people might want the cheat day once a month. This is the point when you have to pay attention to your body. Don’t worry about what other do or eat. Part of this lifestyle change is getting to know the new you. You want to follow the guidelines but you also want to apply these guidelines in a realistic and effective manner. An example I  always use is my weakness for Krispy Kreme donuts. I can easily eat 6-8 in a sitting.. ( terrible :(  I know) ;However, I’ve  learned that If I eat more than 3 I start to get  a very annoying  headache. When this happens my body is telling me no more  refined sugar, cheat time is over.(By the way refined sugar is the very last thing you want in your system view the video below) These are the details you must start to pay attention to throughout your program but especially on cheat days. A cheat day can easily become a cheat two days, a cheat week, etc until your back to day one.

Remember this, each day you eat right you’re detoxing your body, improving all your bodily functions and literally adding time to your stay here on God’s green earth. So, the goal here is always health first and the cheat day is part of achieving the healthy you,  just be a smart cheat.

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