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My favorite comedian is Chris Rock. I think the way he’s able to talk about reality and make it funny is amazing. I always joke that Chris gives the best marriage advice through his comedy specials and his movie “I Think I Love My Wife” but we’re so busy laughing nobody’s listening. One of my fav routines Chris does is when he’s talking about the media and how black folk blame the media for everything and I started thinking about how has the media shaped our opinion of marriage.

I was listening to Jazmine Sullivan’s album “Love Me Back” and one of her songs “Excuse Me” has this line that’s just flat out beautiful.

She sings:

Got me in the kitchen fixing dinner, make me wanna cook and clean, and just to see you smiling at me, baby you don’t even have to ask me, don’t care what the task be if it makes you happy

And, I was thinking that sounds soooooo good.  Now, if only that’s what the game was really like. I mean for real, how many people REALLY can say they feel that way? Just to see your husband/wife happy, that you’d be willing to do whatever they want?

Find out what I think here.

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