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We take things sooooo extremely personal sometimes; we misinterpret, misconstrue, misunderstand, over think, take out of context; I guess it’s just in our human nature. Car breaks down… “Mannnnnnn what now?! What have I done; what have I inflicted upon myself???”

Sickness comes over you… “Really God?! I’ve been bending over backwards trying to keep things in tact at home and at the church; how can I do that if I’m sick???” Money gets low… “Okay now, I’d give the shirt off my back!

When somebody needs my help, I’m on top of that! I’ve been making sure that I’m tithing!!!”…We’re intrigued by  the causes for situations that rise up  which are beyond our control.

Have you ever felt as in your life was revolving in a perpetual cycle? Same struggles, same challenges, same issues, same stresses?

I have. Like anyone who’s tired, after a certain amount of time, I vowed to never revisit certain stops during life’s recurrent bus ride. Being homeless with my family at 12, I said I’d never let poverty dwell again. Having insecurity issues most of my life, I said I’d never let feelings of rejection overtake me again. I declared to myself and God, that I wasn’t bringing the crevices of my past into the foyer of my future. It happened though. I’d scratched the surface of that place I wanted to be, but poverty inched its way into my destiny… And then,  human nature kicked in, and I asked God: “Why?”. Now I’m so convinced that God’s face looks like he’s been sucking sour lemons at the mention of that word (laughs)… I was at the place I said I’d never revisit again… And I wanted answers But I was reminded; that sometimes running out of money doesn’t deem financial instability…

Sometimes when fear rises you aren’t automatically inadequate; but many times God will use abstract methods to remind you that each blessing is from HE alone; the blesser. God always wants to put you in the position where only He will get the glory. So many try to take it from Him! People, things; But it’s due to Him!

You may recognize it, while others may not; but when God does it, He makes it so that EVERYONE can see (smile). Like our Father you have to be touched by some of the same issues and infirmities as the people you minister to. It will help you to remain humble, knowing that you have to rely solely on God.

Psalms 121 “I will lift mine eyes into the hills from which cometh my help; all of my help comes from The Lord”.

Remember, it’s on purpose, but it’s not personal.

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