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Shutdowns don’t come cheap. Federal agencies have to use up time, energy and resources to plan for one. Shutting down and then reopening the government also costs money.

Here is a list of hat closes immediately:

368 National Park Service sites closed, millions of visitors turned away.

Any offices located in a federal building affected by the shutdown, however, may not be able to open.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Translation: That gun permit you wanted processed wouldn’t happen anytime soon.

A government shutdown is a good way to precipitate a mini-fall without the kind of full-blown financial collapse we could see in a debt ceiling breach. With the debt ceiling likely to be hit in a few weeks, the pressure builds early.

The following  services move to extreme changes:

About 800,000 workers would be forced off the job without pay. Some critical services such as patrolling the borders, inspecting meat and controlling air traffic would continue.

National parks, like the State Of Liberty in New York Harbor, would close. Many low-to-moderate incomes borrowers and first-time home-buyers seeking government-backed mortgages could face delays.

In New York, 72,000 federal employees could be out of work. Nearly 54,000 local and military members and 11,500 civilian employees would have their pay delayed if the shutdown lasts more than 10 days.

Head Start Centers could also close, affecting nearly 52,000 local children.

Social Security benefits would be sent and the Medicare and Medicaid health care programs for the elderly and poor would continue to pay doctors and hospitals. Veterans would also continue to collect benefits.

The president and congress would not miss a paycheck in the event of a shutdown.

Senate rejection would send the measure back to the House, where conservative Republicans want to delay by a year key parts of the new health care law and repeal a tax on medical devices as the price for avoiding a shutdown.

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Department of Veterans Affairs: Working but Limited Services Veterans health services, benefits payments and cemetery services will not be affected because they are appropriated on a two-year cycle. Answers to e-mail and telephone inquiries, hiring, recruiting, training and fraud investigations will be suspended.

Department of Homeland Security: Working But Limited Services Over 80% of the DHS workforce has been deemed to be “essential” personnel for agencies such as TSA, Customs and Border Protection, Secret Service, Coast Guard, FEMA and Immigration Customs Enforcement.

Instead of working with Democrats to prevent a shutdown, House Republicans have passed two bills that have no chance of becoming law and are the 42nd and 43rd votes on undermining the Affordable Care Act,” said Rep. Nita Lowey, D-N.J.

If no compromise can be reached by midnight, Americans would soon see the impact of a government shutdown.

The next few hours should be extremely intense.

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