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More than five decades ago, the founding members of Christian Care Ministry began sharing medical bills on an informal basis with a small group of people. In 1993 Christian Care Ministry was officially established after years of seeing the model was successful, and the need was great.

Christian Care Ministry is a not-for-profit organization that provides biblical healthcare solutions. More than just healthcare, Christian Care Ministry is a community of people who encourage and pray for one another, and a team of professionals who promote and support living a healthy, biblical lifestyle.

It allows a morally conscious individual to  have insurance that does not conflict with morality or biblical beliefs.

Christian Care Ministry has provided biblical healthcare solutions for 20 years. More than just healthcare, the nonprofit is a community of people who pray for and encourage one another, and a team of professionals who promote and support living a healthy, biblical lifestyle through programs: Medi-ShareMedi-Share Senior AssistRestoreMannaHealthy Church and PrayerStream.

Christian Care Ministry is recognized by the American Heart Association as a Gold Fit-Friendly Company.

1.  Medi-Share —Healthcare Sharing Program 

  • Medi-Share is a healthcare sharing program where members share their financial resources to pay each other’s medical expenses. Medi-Share isn’t insurance; resources are shared directly between members. There is no pooling of funds as practiced by insurance groups. 
  • Medi-Share facilitates an exchange of funds on behalf of members.
  • Sharing medical bills through Medi-Share has saved an average of 32 percent (for an individual) or 47 percent (for a family) when compared to paying insurance premiums (source:A Comprehensive Survey of Premiums, Availability and Benefits; AHIP Center for Policy and Research, 2009).
  • Medi-Share members are exempt from the new Healthcare Law (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), which requires Americans to purchase insurance by 2014 or face financial penalties (see section 1311(d)(4)(H) of the law; page 128).

2.  Medi-Share Senior Assist – Healthcare Sharing Program for those 65 and older

  • Medi-Share Senior Assist is a healthcare sharing program where Christians age 65 and older share financial resources to pay one another’s medical expenses not covered or only partially covered by Medicare.
  • Medi-Share Senior Assist is the only Christian-based sharing program for seniors.

3.  Healthy Church —Interactive Health & Wellness Tools 

  • Healthy Church is a wellness program that provides a collection of health assessment services and personalized action plans to help members achieve a healthier, more productive life.
  • Healthy Church provides access to a real-time Prayer Stream where members are able to post prayer requests and urgent needs, as well as pledge to pray for one another and offer words of encouragement.
  • Members have access to health related content, media and interactive disease management tools.
  • Healthy Church is free for Christian Care Ministry members.

4.  Manna —Income Replacement Program  

  • Manna is a program where members share resources to provide income replacement for the members who are dealing with a disabling event.

5.  RestoreHealth Coaching to Reverse Disease 

  • The Restore program provides personalized health coaching to help members reverse and reduce the risk of disease through weight loss, exercise and good nutrition rather than through costly medications and procedures.
  • The average Restore member is able to decrease his or her medical costs by 32 percent after graduating from the program.

6. PrayerStream —Prayer Support & Encouragement

  • PrayerStream exists to help Christians deepen thier prayer life. It allows families, co-workers, neighbors, small groups and strangers to connect and pray for one anothers’ needs and burdens.
  • PrayerStream is a free resource avaiable for use on your website and Facebook page. It will enable you to share and respond to your group’s prayer needs anpraises in real time.

If this is the choice for you call (800-772-5623) and a representative can help you.

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