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Dozens of new laws that affect you are going into effect in states across the U.S. come 2014. The provisions run the gamut from tanning salons to texting and driving to a higher minimum wage.

For example:

-New IRS rule will treat automatic tips added to large parties as taxable wages, which could mean that automatic gratuity may go away altogether.

-In California,  students in kindergarten-12 grade will now have the right to choose whichever restroom or locker room they want based on their gender identity. Students will also be able to choose girls or boys sports as well.

-Illinois,teens under 19 will face tougher charges if they’re charged with aggravated use of a wireless device. The infractions will now be charged as a Class 4 felony.

Oregon, new mothers will now be able to take their placentas home from the hospital — some experts say ingesting it has positive health benefits. Another new state law bans smoking in motor vehicles when children are present.

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