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“God did not call young people to such perversion. Society has failed him, his church has failed him … I would be homosexual to this day if Jesus hadn’t delivered. I see feminine men, feminine boys, everywhere I go … No, don’t applaud ‘cuz it ain’t funny. It’s because we failed. I see them everywhere. These young girls are just as bad as the boys in homosexuality, you don’t see it. They can hide … but there are some evil young hard butch girls.”- Donnie McClurkin

Once in a while a controversial sermon bubbles up and becomes a hot button discussion. Donnie McClurkin’s  sermon has become not just a hot button but a full on table discussion raging across the net and at worship sites. Discussions have been been peppered with statements made by Donnie McClurkin. Mr. McClurkin is a member of The Church of God in Christ (COGIC), the largest African American  Pentecostal church in the United States. He was preaching at a COGIC’s 102nd Holy Convocation International Youth Department Worship Service on November 7. Yes, while what he said is completely covered under freedom of speech, it does bring up the question on how we choose our words. Those words often lead to people looking at your leadership with questioning eyes. In particular, when you name a famous fellow pastor as target of your missive you are asking for controversy.  The homosexuality controversy in black faith communities is nothing new. This story began with an on camera admission from Tonex. In response to that on camera admission Donnie McClurkin has seen fit to minister and educate the youth of his flock as follows:

The responses to the above statement were varied but strong:

–  “Let’s not get so caught up in our righteous indignation that we forget about these young folks. If we do, expect to see more Donnie McClurkins springing up like ecclesiastical weeds.”-  A McEwen author Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters

–  “He actually said something the rest of us have been preaching for a while, just not that good.” – Name withheld

–  ‘Thank the LORD that Pastor McClurkin was obedient to the Holy Ghost. Thank GOD that he’s a changed man and is not afraid to share his testimony — obviously a lot of people in that room (and watching it now) needed to hear it.”- Mr.  Lavarai a COGIC member

It’s an odd  finger pointing  action since Donnie McClurkin admits in his autobiography that he “once had homosexual tendencies and am now cured”. These two black gospel singers have become the centerpiece to the debate of the role homosexuals should play in black faith communities.  Unfortunately, both men’s lives influence dozens of others as pastors. They are tied very   financially to a community that does not approve of alternative lifestyles. Yet, both these men have carved a space in gospel music. They each acknowledge  their desires. Tonéx by stating that his preference is for the same sex; Donnie by (abstaining and) persecuting other homosexuals as not being willing to be delivered from “the perversion of homosexuality.” Where do you stand on this subject?

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