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Throughout her career, Meagan Good has alway attracted attention for her effortless beauty. But oftentimes the 32-year-old actress, who is married to movie executive and Seventh-day Adventist preacher, DeVon Franklin, has also caught flack from the religious community for baring too much skin at events. She has received criticism but has always maintained to  keep her head up.

Despite the critics, Good maintains a positive outlook on how she presents herself, as she explained in the latest issue of Rolling Out magazine.

She also made it  clear that you can be sexy and saved.

“I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with being sexy,” she says matter-of-factly. “God created our bodies as women. He created us to be beautiful, to be sexy, to be powerful, to be fearless — to be amazing. I do respect and understand the fact that when you come into the sanctuary, you need to be dressed appropriately because you are not the star — Jesus is the star. That I agree with 100 percent.”“Marriage has taught me that it’s OK to let somebody take care of me. That it’s OK to depend on somebody,” Good says. “I grew up being responsible for a lot of things — since I was 15 [I was] taking care of a lot of people. My father is amazing, but he wasn’t in the home, so my mother raised us with the mentality of not needing anybody. We were never the girls that went after the guy that had the money because we were taught to have our own money. I’ve always been extremely independent to the point where it probably intimidated some guys. Now, it’s nice to just feel like it’s not a bad thing to trust someone to have your best interest at heart.

She is really  happy with her marriage. The couple just celebrated their 2nd anniversary.

Here is what she had to say about our Pastor -At- Large DeVon Franklin:

“His acceptance of me has allowed me to grow in areas where I was struggling in the past because I felt so unaccepted,” she explains further. “I was angry, and that anger created a rebellious spirit that didn’t really want to change. Because it needed to be accepted first, before it could even consider being better. Marriage has made me better, assured me, made me happier; I’m way more at peace. I feel like I’m consistently growing into a better person and I feel like I can help him grow into a better person. He sees all the positive things in me that I felt like a lot of other people didn’t see — I always felt very judged. I always felt like people were coming for me. He was the first person, outside of my sister or mother, who said ‘I see you. I see who you really are.’ ”

We built a gallery below of Pastors who are happy to be sexy saved and sanctified.

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