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Ah…summer. Warmer weather, relaxing at the beach…why not make the most of one of the best seasons by giving your entire body a boost with these three easy summer detox tips.

Have Fun

Umm, it IS summer, which makes this tip fairly easy, right? But seriously, this summer, get out and break a sweat. Run in the park. Walk and enjoy the warm weather. Do yoga outside. Grab your bike and enjoy nature. Being active helps the body get rid of impurities and helps your skin glow. And it burns fat and helps your heart, of course.

Give Your Skin Some Dessert

Using a dry brush, gently slough off dead skin cells. Then, use a deliciously-scented body scrub, working it all over your skin with a sponge or loofah. Your skin will feel silky and have an amazing, healthy glow.

Get In Some Color

Summer is all about great food! So, clear out your fridge of all that stuff you know isn’t doing your body any favors (and isn’t making you feel all that great, anyway), and replace it with more produce and lean proteins. And not just any produce…summer is the season of gorgeously-colored fruits, so try buying as many different colors of fruits and veggies as you can – and make sure you get in at least five servings of it every day.