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There is a hot topic bubbling in the Christian community this morning. A recent incident in Lubbock, Texas is rekindling the debate over whether or not gay men should serve in children’s ministry.

During a planned field trip, Casey Stegall, a 22-year-old college student who calls himself a gay Christian, introduced some teens from a Christian children’s home at which he works to his gay “fiance.” He was accused of engaging in public displays of affection with his partner. Stegall denies it but nevertheless was terminated. Children’s Home of Lubbock, a nonprofit ministry in west Texas that’s been serving children since 1954, swiftly fired Stegall for essentially sanctioning homosexuality in a Christian ministry that’s working to bring “hope, healing, a sense of worth and value to the lives of fatherless, abused and neglected children.”

Watch the young man explain his situation in the  video below:

Although Stegall has gone public with a story of “injustice,” Harms is sticking to his biblical values. He told the Journal that Stegall’s lifestyle is not in line with the ministry’s interpretation of the Bible, and modeling that lifestyle in front of the children is not acceptable. These values, he said, were explained to Stegall during his job orientation.

This is a matter on which churches disagree. Some think that inviting gays to serve in ministry opens them up to more opportunities to receive the kindness of God that will ultimately lead them to repentance. Others believe anyone practicing any sin—from drunkenness to fornication to thievery—should be excluded from active ministry.

Last season, The Preachers Of L.A. Pastor Jay Hazilip faced an issue. He met a former member who was now living transgendered.  PastorJ ay admits that he was placed in a thinking ministry moment.  He again affirmed that he didn’t want to offend the individual but he also didn’t want to offend God.

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