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Tonight the gang meets up. It’s been a busy time for everyone. Deitrick has welcomed a new baby. Jay is getting the house redecorated. Noel is traveling. McClendon is rebuilding. Wayne is…. well.. busy. Ron is giving words of wisdom.

Bishop Jones and Loretta’s relationship is still evolving, but Bishop Gibson and Lady LaVette’s strong convictions keep them from accepting the nature of their friends’ close bond, causing a devastating rift. With his focus on ministry and not his personal life, Bishop Jones enlists the help of his fellow preachers to create an event that will positively impact the community of Los Angeles. Meanwhile, after much turmoil, Deitrick and Dominique are now married and have a new addition to their family—but their marital bliss is short-lived when Pastor Jay accuses Deitrick of deceiving him at their wedding. Deitrick leaves after the exchange of words. At the sip and sea Loretta calls Lavette out for how she feels Ron and her are treating Noel. Christy calls and opts out of attending because of the wall between Jay and Deitrick..

Dominique Haddon shared these words of wisdom:

What is key in this first episode? It is the skill of listening.

Listening makes our loved ones feel worthy, appreciated, interesting, and respected. Ordinary conversations emerge on a deeper level, as do our relationships. When we listen, we foster the skill in others by acting as a model for positive and effective communication.

In our love relationships, greater communication brings greater intimacy. Parents listening to their kids helps build their self-esteem. In the business world, listening saves time and money by preventing misunderstandings. And we always learn more when we listen than when we talk.

Listening skills fuel our social, emotional and professional success, and studies prove that listening is a skill we can learn.

Respond appropriately to show that you understand. Murmur (“uh-huh” and “um-hmm”) and nod. Raise your eyebrows. Say words such as “Really,” “Interesting,” as well as more direct prompts: “What did you do then?” and “What did she say?”

Focus solely on what the speaker is saying. Try not to think about what you are going to say next. The conversation will follow a logical flow after the speaker makes her point.

Minimize internal distractions. If your own thoughts keep horning in, simply let them go and continuously re-focus your attention on the speaker, much as you would during meditation.

Keep an open mind. Wait until the speaker is finished before deciding that you disagree. Try not to make assumptions about what the speaker is thinking.

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Here is thsi week’s episode without commercials:

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