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Show #5 CSI (CBS)

Premieres: Sunday, Sept. 28 at 10/9c

  • Why You Should Watch:  The show does not take its audience for granted. Each week it challenges what you think you know about people and their motives to kill and destroy. As the last standing member, and originator,  of the CSI family the show still delivers thrills and has promised more twists and turns.
  • Where We Left Off: The team worked with a retired cop to solve a small-town murder with remarkable similarities to one the ex-cop investigated 25 years ago. And the show set up veteran cast member Paul Guilfoyle’s exit when, after Capt. Brass’ troubled daughter Ellie attempted suicide, he made an abrupt decision to focus on his relationship with his daughter.
  • What’s Next: While the premiere will explain Brass’ “extended leave of absence” the CSIs will quickly jump into a serial killer case that will run throughout the season. Mark-Paul Gosselaar guest-stars as a murderer on death row whom D.B. Russell convicted years ago, as well as his identical twin brother, who may have picked up where his sibling left off. “Is it an acolyte? Has the person in prison found a new partner? Or worst case scenario, did Russell put the wrong person away?” executive producer Don McGill teases. Elsewhere, Finlay will get a new love interest in Human Target‘s Mark Valley, and Greg and Sara’s close bond will be explored further. Plus: Look for another girls’ night out episode!

Show #6 Law & Order: SVU (NBC)

Premieres: Wednesday, Sept. 24 at 9/8c

  • Why You Should Watch: Olivia is headed to single parenthood. For a long time we have seen her struggle with her lonliness. Now, we will see what happens when she finally has a home life .
  • We Left Off: Olivia finally became a mom when she agreed to adopt baby boy Doe, aka Noah. Amaro’s fate was far more murky after he was arrested for assaulting an acquitted sex offender and was put behind bars.
  • What’s Next: The sex offender didn’t press charges against Amaro, but he still suffer serious repercussions, particularly when he is moved off the SVU squad. “He’s been sent to the bowels of Queens to do traffic stops,” showrunner Warren Leight says. Amaro’s demotion means a detective with “a little less polis” from another borough will come in and “shake things up.” Away from the office, Olivia will also have her hands full in her new role as mom.

Check out the trailer below for Season 16

Show #7 Person Of Interest (CBS)

Why You Should Watch: The show has mastered the timeless question of whether you should do something for the good of many at the risk of a few. 

Where We Left Off: Greer and Decima framed electronic privacy activists Vigilance as domestic terrorists in order to get the government feeds needed to bring the Machine’s rival, Samaritan, online. With Samaritan now up and running, Root created false identities for herself Reese, Finch and Shaw so that Samaritan couldn’t find them. However, the team was also forced to disband and go into hiding.

What’s Next: Expect a new world order. “Season 4 feels like a new show to me in a lot of ways,” executive producer Greg Plageman says. “How does the team go about their business? Are we going to get numbers and does it even matter anymore? It’s a Samaritan world and we’re just living in it.” Though Plageman suggests our heroes will find their way back together eventually (viewers will get to see each character living as their assumed identities in normal day jobs) and they’ll face a new foe in guest star Cara Buono, this season truly will be a battle of the machines. “There’s a fundamental difference in the way Harold Finch programmed his machine and this machine that Claypoool started and Greer corrupted,” Plageman says. “It’s not necessarily that we’re dealing with an evil machine, it’s that we’re dealing with one that doesn’t have humanity as its priority.”

Watch the trailer below:

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