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There have been a host of rumors circulating about Donnie McClurkin’s health today. One rumor is that he has throat cancer.

I have the official word from Donnie about this.

I quote:

” The scar tissue was PRE-cancerous and topical formulating on top of right vocal cord.  The scar tissue alone was removed with very little damage and vocal cord tissue is regenerating and will be back to normalcy in a matter of  time. There is no cancer, it never took root and none of the scar tissue remains. I’m working my vocals back to full strength but it will take TIME! ”     ………Donnie McClurkin

We pride ourselves on getting the truth and telling the truth. So  when we heard this we reached right out to Donnie.! 

Don’t miss our candid interview with Donnie below when we talked about church business. He has always been a straight shooter.

Donnie is currently on tour with Fred Hammond. Make sure you check out the Praise Diaries for dates.

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