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Pastor Haizlip confronts the ghosts of his past when he visits his estranged mother in Alabama. The Haddons are shocked by the Gibson’s refusal to be Denver’s godparents. Christy is taken aback when Jay decides to buy his mother a house.


Jay had to face the demons of forgiveness. We’ve all heard stories of estranged families who reunite years later, forgive the past and go on to have healthy and fulfilling relationships for the rest of their lives. Parents or spouses may not change, but future family dynamics still can. You can do your part to forge a new, different and better relationship with your family member. To break the cycle of your childhood experience, let go of whatever neglect and inattention suffered, and begin a new era in your family’s history. Forging a new family dynamic can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. It’s not easy, but the end result is worth it.

Parent issues can influence our self-esteem,relationships, and general happiness. This is not surprising. Parents are our primary caregivers; they are the first people we tried to please. If we perceive that we can’t get their approval, we may feel that we are incapable of gaining anyone’s high regard.

Our parents are also the people whom we expect to love us unconditionally, and thus make us feel that we are worthy of being loved. If they had been neglectful and/ or abusive, we can get scarred for life. Unless we can internalize the certainty of our parent’s love, we would always be seeking for it, and thus may never get satisfied in any relationship.

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