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November 18, 2014 marked the 50th anniversary of J. Edgar Hoover, head of the F.B.I.,   launch of a smear campaign against one of the most prolific leaders of the civil rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King.

At a news conference, designed to discredit the leader who had galvanized people from all walks of life to march peacefully in protest of racism, racial inequality, human and civil rights, Hoover called Dr. Martin Luther King, the “Most Notorious Liar”. His tactics failed miserably, when the press didn’t capitalize on the accusations, but kept their focus on the marches, protests and advancement of civil liberties that many had been jailed, beat and killed for.  The focus was on the struggle not the slander. A week after this press conference, the FBI  staged the delivery of an anonymous letter from a  ‘supposedly’ disgruntled former supporter encouraging Dr. King to step down and even suggesting  that  King ‘take his own life.’

The FBI’s plan started when they  realized that this young pastor was gaining acknowledgement, support and followers  quickly.  Dr. King helped create the largest protest ever seen on American soil against racism and segregation.  Too them, he held too much power and the FBI decided , in 1963 to “neutralize” him. Simply put, a plan was put in place to destroy him.

The F.B.I, the Federal Bureau of Investigation,  backed by our government,  given the power,  incited  insidious acts of indecency and invasion of privacy by wiretapping and instituting the  surveillance  of Dr. King, under the farce of “protecting America against Communism.” The ‘Communism’ charge  was later  discovered to be unfounded in regard to Dr. King. These charges were found fraudulent weeks before Dr. King became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Zoom to 50 years later, a week after the mid-term, Republicans who swept elections with a majority lead in the Senate and House,  are proclaiming ‘impeachment”, “repeal of healthcare laws”, and commitments to knock down every law presented to them by the President “just because”.

The  sole goal of the Republican party, is to discredit and destroy President Barack Obama’s legacy.   I have one question for you, Has much changed for 1964 to 2014? Yes, we may have the first African American president. Yes, he served  two terms.  Don’t be fooled by appearances.  Before you make your decision of who the man is, was and what he has done for the world, let alone our country, make sure that you realize the great accomplishments of his presidency.

Do not let a biased government base or define who President Barack Hussein Obama  is to America, lest of all, African Americans. Be smarter than that!

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