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It is unfortunate that on March 9 at approximately 11:00 am I was assaulted by the brother of a candidate for City Council (District 7). A warrant for his arrest is being processed at this time. I had no choice but to file a police report.

The testimonies given in this report are absolute fabrications. I did not use profanity at this time nor do I ever use profanity or any language that would discredit me as an elected official or a believer.

The facts concerning this matter are that I was victimized. The report you read was concocted as a diversion from the real issue. I was attacked by a 6-foot 5-inch, 240-pound man with an injury that resulted in emergency room attention.

There is a video and witnesses that are willing to testify. The testimonies given on the official police report simply never happened. My heart is saddened that the people who made these false allegations would go to this extreme.

Whether it is personal or political, it is a distraction that I will not allow to get me off the wall of this campaign. Because of the legal issues at hand, I cannot discuss the details of this matter. Charges are being pressed for the physical assault and against those who defamed my character. We are praying that justice will prevail. I am confident that it will.

I apologize to everyone for the very appearance of evil. I am only guilty of going to that poll site alone and falling prey to a group of very desperate people. The truth is that I am ahead in the polls and the people that created this circus attraction did it for reasons that only they know.

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