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Babies have the easiest Mother’s Day job of all because all they have to do is show up. Literally, a baby can offer their mom her own shoe and it will be the best gift ever. While dads have the challenge of figuring out what to get or do, young children are off the hook until their age reaches the double digits. But even though he’s still too young to understand it all,  my plan is to reinforce how important Liam’s mom is and that loving her is cool even through his teen years.

My son is now old enough to express gratitude to his mother. He already knows when to say “Thank you” and smile in appreciation of all she does for him. He also likes doing nice things for his mom even if it’s just giving her one of his toys during playtime. Once he gets older, going shopping for “Momma” is going to be an exciting adventure for him although we’ll both be clueless about what to get.

The bond my wife and son have goes back, obviously, to when he was still in her belly. Liam would kick to remind her when it was time to eat and because he was an at-risk pregnancy, he would tap inside her belly whenever she was worried about him. It was like he was letting her know that he was just fine. Once he was born, he helped her (and me) out by signaling hunger by putting his hand to his face as if he was holding a bottle. It was amazing to see and I think it speaks to the many things about being human that we’ll probably never truly understand.

The older Liam gets, the more his bond with his mom gets stronger. Sometimes, he’ll hug her and pat her on the back when she gets home from a rough day at work. Other times, if he’s really enjoying a meal, he’ll offer to share it with her. Li’l dude loves his momma and though he’s still in the “Everything is mine” stage of development, he shares with her.

Great mothers deserve to be recognized for their selflessness every day. Liam has no idea what a Mother’s Day is but he does know that the woman he calls Momma is someone special on a level beyond everything else he treasures. As a father, part of my job is to make sure he remembers that for the rest of his life.

On Sunday, social media timelines will be full of people overlooking the greatness of motherhood to complain about deadbeat daddis when there’s 364 other days to do that. This Sunday should be a day that just focuses on all the great moms who love their kids from conception to delivery and beyond.

In addition to a traditional gift, my plan is to create a bundled day of things Momma likes with some tranquility time thrown in. Most of all, Liam will have center stage to show off how much he cares about her. I’m certain that whatever he comes up with will be hilarious.

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