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If anyone needs some encouragement these days,  it’s African-American men. Gospel couple Warryn and Erica Campbell have partnered with Proctor and Gamble’s My Black Is Beautiful campaign to launch the Grooming My Black Man for Greatness program to invite men into the beauty conversation. The P&G products included are Crest, Head and Shoulders shampoo and Braun shaving products.

It makes sense to have gospel artists involved as they are among the best-groomed men in any genre of music. Warryn says that he thinks that the younger generation does need some grooming tips.

“We have lost it a little bit. In my generation, the hip-hop generation, I think that’s a reflection of not having the tradition passed down to us. I had my father and grandfather in the same house with me, so we were really big on dressing up and suits and what products to use so I’m passing it down to my 5-year-old.”

Erica says that her man always looks good when he walks out the door.

“Warryn Campbell never walks out the door looking bad because of how he feels about himself. When you understand that there’s greatness inside you and that you have a destiny and there’s purpose on your life, when you walk out the door you look like that. He’s always looked like that from day one.”

The Grooming My Black Man For Greatness then is for those men that may need a little help in that are, whether its a son, nephew, cousin or brother who needs the assistance. Or, it might be your man, in which case, there’s certainly incentive for a man to improve his overall grooming.

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