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This week on ‘Sunday Best,’ judges Donnie McClurkin, Kierra Sheard and Yolanda Adams had to grade the team’s on their delivery of ‘Tell The World’. The show opened with Kierra Sheard singing her single ‘Flaws’. The song triumphs that we are beautiful in God’s eyes no matter what.

The lyrics touch us all where we live our lives:

Sometimes I talk a lil too much, don’t listen enough/Sometimes it’s way too easy for me to be myself/ But sometimes I hate the way I look when I look in the mirror/ One look from you I know

 This week’s theme was ‘Tell The World’. In telling the world we need to accept and share the love that God places in our souls.

Brightnie Jones chose ‘Moving Forward’ by Hezekiah Walker.

Donnie McClurkin: It was a wonderful rendition. You just got to watch your pitch.

Kierra Sheard: Amazing. Your range is beautiful. I want that more.

Yolanda Adams: It was fabulous.


Dathan Thigpen chose ‘Turning Around For Me’  Vashawn Mitchell.

Donnie McClurkin: Artistry has met ministry. What you are doing is for the Lord’s approval.

Kierra Sheard: It was an A1 performance.

Yolanda Adams: We are at the point where  artistry and ministry has met the stage.


Zebulon Ellis chose the praise song  ‘Be Grateful’ by Walter Hawkins.

Donnie McClurkin: Big fella, honestly I mean that with all my heart. Your ability is huge and the have the ability to do above and beyond.

Kierra Sheard: This was a great performance.

Yolanda Adams: Wow, you are definitely the whole package.


Terrill Hall chose ‘Lord Prepare Me To Be A Sanctuary’ by West Angeles Choir.

Kierra Sheard: Perfection.

Yolanda Adams:We are at the point  where it is just artistry.

Donnie McClurkin: Incredible.The presentation was wonderful.


Clifton Ross III performed  William McDowell‘s ‘I Surrender All’.

Donnie McClurkin: I am glad you finally to your own advice and you are comfortable being you

Kierra Sheard: You are amazing.

Yolanda Adams:  Your tone, the way you project what is your heart is wonderful.

Jason Nelson performed ‘I Am’ at the close of the show.

Donnie reminded the contestants that they were really ‘competing for for the souls of men’.

This week Brightnie and Terrill  were  sent home.  This year three, Clifton, Zebulon and Dathan will advance to the finals. It is the first time three will compete. Did you agree?

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