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The saints were tuning in to Empire last night and were not prepared for what came on the screen. During the premiere of FOX Television’s hit show, Empire, the writers targeted gospel artist Donnie McClurkin. They had a main character pantomime  Donnie by using his past and making fun of being gay and speaking in tongues using the line  ‘we fall down’ song reference. Followed by faking speaking in tongues.


In a recent article in Hollywood Reporter, we learned that actor Sean Penn took legal action to defend his name and character. Gospel extraordinaire Deitrick Haddon took offense too and posted the below:

The twitterverse went ham. Here is what was said:


There are several ways one can respond to this new form of bullying and the pastor, singer songwriter took to Twitter to share his comments:

“It was brought to my attention via social media that my name was included in a “back-handed” manner during a scene in the FOX show, Empire. What might have been meant for evil, God uses for good! Despite the scripting used by @leedanielsent it has helped bring attention to the gospel of Jesus Christ that I sing and preach, an empowering moment! To my brothers and sisters, thank you for your support, encouragement & love! No negativity towards @leedanielsent let’s show the love of Jesus,” says McClurkin.

Let this experience be a reminder that as loving Christians we’re called to share the good news of Christ and be examples of God’s love on the earth.


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