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Pope Francis was here last week. You would have had to be under a rock to not know that. He delighted tens of thousands of people crowded onto a thoroughfares in three major  cities. He joyfully went off script delivering a folksy, funny commentary.  All these things are similar to what TD Jakes, Joel Osteen and Rick Warren do in their mega-churches.

The mega-pastors chimed their support of the 78-year-old pontiff. Unfortunately, their followers were none too happy.

The crowing began with people saw the posted picture of Rick Warren and  Bishop TD Jakes attending the welcoming dinner.


Bishop TD Jakes posted:

A special thanks to President Obama for his VIP invitation to attend such a historical event. As the world watches this international figure move through our country, let’s pray that the Pope’s journey is safe! At a time when so little is said positive about faith in our country, let’s pray for his safe passage regardless of our differences of views about faith. It is our LOVE that’s on trial here and our understanding of the question; Who is my neighbor? By the way, my wife First Lady Serita Jakes and I, tried to represent our faith, church and country with dignity and respect!

His followers were not amused as they wrote:

Angela Mitchell Why is this a blessing the pope nor obama stands in agreement with God

Lane Emerson Huey We need to be lifting Bishop Jakes in prayer IF we feel he’s being deceived. This very much concerns me as it does many of you however we are to pray rather than bash. Just saying…

Ally Renee Bonneau Repent T.D. Jakes you will be under God’s Judgement and wrath for what you are doing! You are deceiving God’s children! You are truly lost in deed. Don’t do this to God’s children! You are truly and evil man and know not God.

Rick Warren’s followers were a little more forgiving, chiming in that Rick should introduce the Pope to Jesus. Rick gave a talk at the Meeting of The Families event this weekend. The Meeting if the Families was actually the reason the pope came. Pastor Rick Warren gave the final keynote address of the World Meeting of Families conference, sharing the stage with Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston, in Philadelphia.

One person was so insulted by Warren’s actions over the weekend the individual wrote:

Pastor Rick Warren has not only failed to recognize the problems in these serious areas but also he has lent his credibility as a Protestant pastor in support of the Roman Catholic Church. This should never be done by any Protestant pastor who takes the Bible seriously. I must conclude that Mr. Warren does not take the Word of God seriously and/or he does not understand the damnable teachings of Roman Catholicism regarding salvation. Rick Warren needs to repent.”
Meanwhile, Joel Osteen who didn’t attend anything  was subjected to criticism for saying to the Christian Post:
I like the Pope. I like that he’s making the Catholic Church more open to bring people in and not exclude them. He’s a man of the people. I like what he stands for — humility, reaching out to others and he’s not so formal that people can’t relate to him.

His followers really vented! One follower responded, ‘I seriously call upon you to repent of your sin and seek forgiveness from our God for your heresy to the Christian Faith.’

 The question remains, why be angry at men who were doing what is described in scripture as being neighborly. Warren and Jakes  simply attended a dinner.  Joel Osteen  was  simply asked what  his opinion about Pope Francis is. Can other ministers support each other? Is that too much?
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