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Lamar Odom seems to be getting better and better and is now breathing on his own, according to reports.

According to TMZ,  hospital witnesses say  that Lamar has been taken completely off the ventilator and his heart is doing well.

Though several organs are still not functioning, he’s had “the best 24 hours he has had so far.”

As previously reported by NewsOne, doctors have asked for “calm” in Lamar’s room because they do not want him stimulated …. because non-stimulation promotes healing.

Update: Lamar’s heart is rebounding and he’s off a ventilator.  He’s now alert and speaking, but his condition is still dicey … other organs are still creating problems, and doctors have not fully assessed the impact of the strokes he suffered. Lamar was helped out of bed and walked with assistance to a chair, according to E! News. During the transition, his breathing showed zero signs of distress, which is a very good sign. Lamar is still wearing an oxygen mask, but he is able to breathe entirely on his own.

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