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Okay folks, it’s that most wonderful time of the year again.

We’ve decked the halls because ‘tis the season to be jolly.  Christmas is absolutely my favorite holiday.  I love buying a new Christmas tree each year and decorating the house with Christmas lights.  My son is so into it that he has asked for the past twenty days, is it Christmas yet?

Tradition dictates that we exchange gifts for Christmas.  Why that is?  I really don’t know because it ain’t our birthday! But since most of us have succumb and given into tradition, I thought it would be fun to write about some of the worst gifts ever given at Christmas time.  Here are some that made me wonder if these people really liked me or not:

1.    One year my husband at the time gave me a pen and pencil set.  That’s right you heard me.  It was just a plain pen and pencil set.  I had absolutely no use for it because writing with pencil makes my skin crawl and I use the computer to write everything else anyway.  Oh, and that year he requested and got a new computer.  I’m just saying.

2.    I will never forget the time my closest friends and I decided to exchange gifts and I got a Brita pitcher.  Like yeah, the pitcher.  What’s the problem you say?  Well for starters I already had a filter on my faucet.  Further more, everyone else at the exchange got meaningful things like necklaces with their profession on them and concert tickets.  You know, fun stuff like that.

3.    I won’t say who did this but I remember when I opened up my gift and it was three office trash cans.  The little gray ugly ones.  ‘Nuff said.

4.    Oh yes, and who could forget the year I got a big lovely pack of tube socks?  Yes the kind that come all the way up darn near past your knee caps!  Fun times right there I tell ya!

5.    There was the time I got a Christmas tree ornament.  Now I know what you’re thinking, that’s a classy gift.  It would be if it was a hand crafted one of  a kind ornament but it was just one of those old school glass balls that break darn near on contact.  You know the kind that come like twelve in a pack in different colors from K-Mart.  Yeah that one!

Now I know I’ve made light of my many funny and not so funny Christmas gifts of years past, however they were all pretty practical.  I did wind up using that pen from the pen and pencil set more times than I can remember.  I may have even used it to sign the documents when we closed escrow on the house.  When my filter went out, that Brita came in handy as I do not like the taste of regular tap water.  I’ve used that gray trash can in my home office for the past 10 years now.  Durable and sturdy.  Great for a home office.  And when my feet get cold at night, I grab a pair of those tube socks and I’m down right comfy.  Lastly, that Christmas ornament took me back to my childhood.  My mom used to buy the same ones every year and every year we would get too close to the tree and break them.  But the memory was sweet as I hung that glass ornament on my tree.

The point is, be grateful for whatever gift you get, because it really is the thought that counts.  Someone took five minutes at least to consider you.  After all, it’s not even your birthday we’re celebrating.  Merry Christmas Everyone!  Chile Please!

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