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The  new film ‘The Masked Saint‘ is continuing the new contemporary style of Christian films that are being created to  bring the average viewer who just wants a good story. This film is promising to start a conversation about the soul of our struggling communities.

This film focuses on lead character Chris Samuels’ calling to become a pastor prompts him to retire from wrestling and move with his wife to a small town. But he also faces challenges at his new church – from an overbearing congregant and failing attendance to mounting bills for church repairs, Samuels has his hands full.

Samuels finds an ally in Miss Edna (Diahann Carroll) an elderly woman who offers advice and shares her wisdom in a book of writings. Unbeknownst to him, she is also a wrestling fan and reconnects him with his old colleagues including a shady wrestling promoter (Roddy Piper). Afterwards, when Samuels stumbles onto a fight on the seedy side of town, his wrestling skills take down the assailant and a masked vigilante is born.

In order to raise some funds, Samuels returns to the ring professionally, and things begin to seemingly improve for the church, but Samuels’ shrouded crime fighter is now being sought by the police. His talent, as well as his violent secret identity, begins to overshadow his calling as a Pastor and it takes his faith, family and Miss Edna to remind him about grace, goodness and the truth.

Now take a look at the film that will ignite hearts.

The movie will be in theaters January 8, 2016. Will you check it out? Let us know what you think?

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