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TLC has announced that it will broadcast “America’s Toughest Bible Competition,” known as the “Bible Bowl,” the week after Christmas.TLC’s coverage of the youth Bible competition will be in a reality television format as they follow the progress of a few of the participants.

“The network is debuting competition ‘Bible Bowl’ on Dec. 28, when hundreds of teams of children will battle it out in Cincinnati,” reported Maglio.

Begun in 1963, the Bible Bowl involves teams of four players being quizzed about their knowledge of the Good Book.

The teams are divided into two age groups: third through fifth grade, which is called the “Beginning Bible Bowl” and sixth through 12th grade, which is called the “Teen Bible Bowl.”

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A team sponsor (a parent or other adult) will have practices with his or her team weekly in order to guide the students in their weekly reading and studying habits,” noted the Bible Bowl’s website. During the game itself, a quizmaster will lead the game by reading the questions to the players, while the team sponsor will either keep score or keep time.”

According to a statement by the Bible Bowl organization released Wednesday, TLC filmed the program over the summer as the competition was taking place.

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