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Lolo Jones

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An athlete’s body takes a ton of wear. If it is injured, their livelihood can end and put them out emotionally. Lolo Jones has been vocal about her physical strength and skill. Lolo Jones  shared  with the world how God helped her through her hip surgery and the recovery process.

She posted the following on her Instagram account.

Less than two months after hip surgery, I was able to hurdle for the first time. I was nervous to return. My prayer for you guys tonight is that courage always rises when things attempt to intimidate you. Today, I did baby hurdles. Next week I will attempt a taller height. Strive until you overcome the tallest hurdle blocking your path. We are all hurdlers in life. 📹: @gabrielmvumvure

Last year, the Olympic track star and bobsledder, told the Twitterverse that she would be getting surgery for a torn frontal labral. She tweeted:

‘Praise Him in advance.’

She went into surgery to repair a hip labral tear. A hip labral tear involves the ring of cartilage, called the labrum, that follows the outside rim of the socket of your hip joint. The labrum acts like a rubber seal or gasket to help hold the ball at the top of your thighbone securely within your hip socket.

We pray she has a continued speedy recovery.

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