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One day, I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline and a friend posted an interesting fashion question as her status update. While she loved the look of open toe boots, she wanted to know when and how to wear them. Little did my friend know, her question would inspire an outfit and a blog post.

Much like life, fashion is full of contradictions: Great things can happen when seemingly opposing ideas come together.  Open toe boots, short sleeve sweaters and cashmere crop tops are great examples of opposing ideas that make perfect fashion sense.

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Most people dress for the season. Doing so is pretty simple during summer and winter when the weather is more consistent. What to wear becomes more complex during spring and fall when Mother Nature has difficulty making up her mind.

Open toe boots, and other “contradictory clothing,” are perfect for indecisive weather and seasons. Break out those open toe boots when it’s not hot but not cold or breezy and sunny.

This outfit I put together is a perfect spring look. I converted a ruffled blouse from BCBG into a mini dress ($76) and paired it with open toe thigh high boots ($90) from Aldo. I accessorized with a chocolate brown vintage clutch and topped off the look with Chloe cat glasses. This look is light enough for a warm, sunny day but provides enough coverage for a chilly night. No jacket required!

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PHOTO SOURCE: Rodney Choice / April Watts

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