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A demon in a type of spirit.  It does not have a body; it cannot talk; you don’t see it flying overhead screaming, “Booooo!”  That isn’t it.  Instead the spirit inhabits the body of a person that has been preparing him/herself for it and guides that person to commit unholy acts.    We have seen the work of demonic activity in serial killings and the like.  Many times, when the killing sprees are complete, there is no use for the body that was used, so the possessed is often led to commit suicide.  Yeah I know…that sounds a little hooky-pooky but it bears the same understanding as that of the Holy Spirit.  Although we know the truth of God, He still dwells within us.  He possesses us.  He has taken up residency in us.  He lives in us.  He doesn’t just loom around like Casper doing great deeds.  He actually dwells within us and guides us into all truth.  He doesn’t manipulate our will but gives us free choice.  So…it shouldn’t be too hard to understand the same for demons.

But…the question is, can Christians be possessed by a demon?  I would answer, “No!”  There can be no double occupancy.  Either you belong to God or your belong to Satan.  There is no possessive purgatory–no, “In the middle of the road” possession.  If you have committed your life to Jesus Christ, you belong to Him–point blank.  BUT…we can experience demonic oppression.  What’s the difference you ask.  Well…let’s look at the words: Possession means ownership, control over oneself-ones mind, actual holding or occupancy either with or without rights of ownership. That’s possession.  Oppression is to be heavily burdened, mentally or physically by troubles, adverse condition or anxiety.  There is no assumption of ownership. So…even though we belong to God, professing Jesus as our Lord and Savior, Satan still has the ability to burden us so heavily that we make wrong decisions that have the ability to impact our forever.  Scary thought huh?

So then the question becomes, how do you stand guard over demonic oppression and how can you tell when it is upon you?  Well the latter…you’ll know.  Child, you will know if you are being oppressed by the devil and you will need to put on, “The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness,” (Isaiah 61:3). What does that mean in laymen terms?  When you realize that you have been oppressed with that degree of heaviness, the kind whose intentions are, “To kill, steal and destroy you,” (John 10:10), you have to worship, seek prayer and get accountability quickly.  You cannot be alone because the things that are whispered into your ear have no alignment with the word of God and His promises.  They don’t.  Even though you belong to God–you are filled with His Spirit–you have tasted of His goodness, etc…the thoughts that sometimes enter your mind are so completely contrary, because of the heaviness.  I’ve been there.  And it is a fight to the death working your way out of the clutches of oppression.  But…it is possible.

I’m not really sure where to go from here…so I’ll end with this.  As a believer in Jesus Christ, I have come to understand that who I belong to is a much stronger reckon than who wants to weigh me down.  I have put on my whole armor and I am geared up for battle.  Because honey, that’s what it is sometimes.  But the great thing is, this is a fixed fight.  Although it sounds it, it isn’t cliche to say–“God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.”  It’s true.  If He has given it to you, you must know that you have what it takes to push through it…oppression and all.

And lastly, I’ll say this.  If you don’t have a relationship with Christ, get one now…He makes a much more fair possessor.  I’m just saying!

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