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Last I checked, President Barack Obama is Black.  His skin is Black, his swag is Black, his children are Black, his wife is Black and their dog is Black.  He is Black for crying out loud.  I am sick and tired of people trying to convince the nation of what it means to be Black in America and challenging whether or not our President is in fact, “Black enough,” to actually qualify as a bonafide Black man.  WTH?!  Last week when I addressed, “Do You Have a Negro Dialect,” I was asking some of the same questions.  When Senator Harry Reid fumbled and misspoke about President Obama being of lighter skin and without a Negro dialect, the comments that spewed forth from Rush Limbaugh and others like him was, that was a compliment.  But does President Obama receive some type of pardon because he can articulate?  Does he get a, “Get out of jail FREE” card because he bears the lighter skin and happens to be our President?  How dumb is that?  People act like he is the first educated person to take the firm role of leadership and point the country into a state of healing.  Er uh…remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr?  Hmmm…I’m wondering if it makes people feel some sorta way by psyching themselves up with the, “lighter skin, no Negro dialect,” foolishness.  Maybe they feel that because he is fair in complexion that he isn’t as scary as someone with a darker hue.  They can tolerate him.  He’s technically NOT one of them.

The reason I even brought this up again is because there was a forum on CNN discussing his blackness yet again.  The redundant excuse for him, as if he has ever made any for himself is, “Well…his father was from Kenya and his mother was Italian.”  So technically, he really doesn’t count in the census of Black people (my words).  Come on people!  When are we going to learn?  I promise, this is one of THE oldest conversations on the table today and the older I get, the stupider it gets.  I’m just saying.

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