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After celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Day most of us go back to business as normal. I challenge you to not do that this year.

In fact I suggest that you continue his dream by helping one of the Top 10 Charities below. Your tax refund is around the corner. Instead of just paying off all the bills and buying the flat screen television try giving to one of the below.  Many are down in Haiti trying to help out. They could use your donation.

While most Americans are very generous to charities, many of us have become skeptical. How are they spending our money? How much of it goes to the cause I intended it for? Am I donating money just so some executive can earn more money in a year than I will earn in a decade? All very real questions and questions a responsible person should ask.

10) American Red Cross – spends 89.2% of monies raised on the cause, but pays their top executive in excess of half a million a year.

9) American Diabetes Foundation – has one of the lowest administrative costs of the group, a sign of a well run organization.

8)  Cystic Fibrosis – had excellent numbers in two of the three categories, but their top executive pay pulled them down slightly, coming in at $576,000 a year

7) Christian Children’s Fund – had good numbers across the board and spends 82% of all money on the children.

6) CARE – spends an amazing 90% of all money raised on the cause. The only category that pulled them down was their executive pay.

5) Habitat For Humanity – has good numbers across the board and spends 84.9% of money raised on homes for the needy.

4) PETA – One of the smaller organizations in the group but they are well run and have the lowest top executive pay of our group.

3) Dave Thomas Foundation – had great numbers in all areas and spends 91.6% of monies received to aide in the adoption of kids.

2) Oprah’s Angel Network – has the highest percentage of monies received going to the cause at a very impressive 93.2%. Their administrative costs were slightly higher than our other top groups which cost them the top slot.

1) Doctors Without Borders – came in at number one by having the lowest administrative cost in the group, the third lowest executive pay, and by spending 86.6% of the monies received on their actual work.

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