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Variety is the spice of life and fitness. A lifetime of health and fitness is achievable when you can think outside the box. You have to mix it up all the time. Stay curious and creative, and stick with the kinds of workouts that you enjoy.   A variety of exercises, workouts, and sports will allow you to avoid injuries, plateaus, and boredom.

Programs like P90X, The Biggest Loser workouts and Billy Blanks incorporate a variety of things: sectional progression, plyometrics, abs and core routines, boxing and kickboxing, yoga, stretching, and cardiovascular exercises.   They make the routines fun and filled with a variety of movements—these workouts are uncomplicated, easy to follow, and time-tested, and have combinations that work. Who wants to be bored?  Doing the same routines and movements over and over again doesn’t appeal to your body.

Too many people hold on too tightly to things that don’t work anymore. You know it’s time to change things when you hear yourself saying “I feel burned out,” “This isn’t fun anymore,” or “I’m no longer seeing improvement with this routine.” You could be suffering from a temporary bout of mind babble, or maybe it’s your heart telling you that it’s time to move on. Only you know the difference. Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it. Figure out what keeps you in the game, even if it’s very different from what others think you need. If you’re beating yourself up when it comes to inspiration and motivation regarding perspiration, then you need an alteration to your transformation.

Variety in your fitness world will keep boredom, injuries, and plateaus at bay. If you really want to improve your fitness and physique and make this a lifestyle thing, then eventually the other box you’ll need to get outside of . . . is your house. This might be hard for people with a hectic schedule, but why not skip that Sunday barbecue for a hike or run or skate or swim or volleyball game?

You can reinvent yourself and take control of your life if you stay curious and try new things. Finishing an exercise program lets you begin to explore all the possibilities. Variety in fitness and life is essential for keeping the lights on.  Hopefully by now you know that the 1st law is variety.

We will discuss the other 7 laws throughout the week.  Share your thoughts and ideas on fitness.

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