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Recently, Pastor Arthur Jackson of Miami, Florida preached an incredible word about entitled “David’s Anointing” from 2 Samuel 5:1-3.  From the piece I came many nuggets particularly about promotion.

The one nugget that followed me to my morning devotional was his point about the problems that come with being anointed.  As he preached I heard over and over again one thing, “John with promotion comes increased stress”.

How To Create A Peaceful Home

This stress is about God placing greater demand on you and requiring greater accountability.  The demands of promotion increased the weigh of your life and place you in moments when you find yourself dealing with more and more.  The job promotion to supervisor now has you dealing with employees who are not your friends versus relating primarily to your friends.

Keep Cool Over Your Finances

The purchase of a larger home requires increase cost in electricity and water, thus demanding income not needed with the apartment.  The presence of a new relationship demands sacrifice and unselfishness not needed when it is just you.  Wow, it was easier but the reward definitely is not the same.

So how do we handle the stress of promotion?

1.  Increase your prayer time.  Only through the strength of God can you manage the demand of promotion.

2. Make sure you surround yourself with Christ centered, confident, destiny focused people.  Insecure, attention needy, people are not good for you because eventually they will add stress.  Good friends who are committed to the good life are great allies.

3.  Read character forming and conduct transforming material.  Refresh and renew your mind with positive literature.

4.  Develop and embrace habits that relieve stress without adding the weigh of divine judgment.  Do the right things and you will feel better.

Today embrace promotion as a joy not a burden.  In the end, the stress of promotion will not hurt you but strengthen you.  Have an awesome day!!

Read 2 Samuel 5:1-3; John 14:11-14