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Where do I begin?  As a producer, I must say the show is very well put together.

The central character, Pep of the rap group Salt-n-Pepa has three other friends with whom she shares her dating life as they share theirs.  There’s newly divorced Joumana Kidd who used to be married to NBA baller, Mr. Triple Double himself, Jason Kidd.  Then there’s the smart and savvy journalist, Jacque Reid who desperately wants to have a baby.  Last but definitely not least, there’s the resident wild child of the bunch, Kittie Troy.  Some of you may recognize Kittie’s voice as the animated character Cita on BET’s Cita’s World.

This series is like the reality/un-scripted version of Sex In The City.  Sandy “Pep” Denton says she’s been celibate for the past four years.  She has a weekly brunch meeting with her three girlfriends to discuss their dating lives.  Initially I enjoyed the show because it reminds me of my group of best friends back in Jersey.  But later I enjoyed the show because of it’s honesty.  It takes a lot to open yourself up to the world and expose parts of your personal life while cameras track your every move.  And before anyone says the women do it for the money, I can assure you as a producer who has seen plenty of budgets for this genre of television, it is not always about the money.

Before I get to grading the show I want to recap some of my favorite and not so favorite moments on the series thus far:

Favorite Moment:

Pep was on a date with a gentleman.  The two went back to the hotel where they got into a hot tub.  There were several candles lit around the hot tub.  Pep’s date seemed to have some sort of activator juice in his hair because he leaned his head back a tad bit too close to one of the candles and the brother’s hair proceeded to catch fire just a little bit.  I fell out laughing!

Not So Much Moment:

Kittie went out on a date with a gentleman (I use gentleman loosely here).  The brother confessed his love/obsession with feet and sucked Kittie’s toes during the limo ride.  The brother said her toes tasted like meatloaf.  I am not a big meatloaf fan but now I can’t even hear or say the word without feeling some sorta way.  Like a sick some sorta way!

Favorite Moment:

Jacque’s date with  the oh so very fine actor, Lamman Rucker.  Hey just because I’m saved does not mean I’m blind!  That’s a good looking man.  I could care less what Jacque and Lamman were talking about.  I was too busy staring at him.  Lawd!

Not So Much Moment:

Joumana went out on a date in New York City with a so called “bad boy”.  The dude decides to throw something at parked New York City Police van and yell something vulgar at them.  NYPD promptly got out of the van, snatched Mr. Date up and cuffed him in front of Joumana.  The so called bad boy quickly became the nice and apologetic man who understood right away that his date with Joumana was over.  Lame!  Chile Please!

Show Grade:

Entertaining:  B+     (It’s way too entertaining when a man’s hair catches fire in a hot tub)

Cast:  A                       (Diverse, Attractive and Witty)

Production:  A          (No interviews and more show makes the pace of the feel less rushed and more organic)

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