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Late last week, Apple removed all content from the App Store matching  rules to remove apps containing women and men in swimsuits, showing skin, or with questionable content, according to Apple Managers . Under most circumstances you can apply the reasoning that because Apple is providing the service it can do as it sees fit. I disagree. It seems to be a repeat of a movement that changed the marketing of music. Many of us who grew up in the 1980’s remember a group called the Parent Music Resource Center (PMRC) who led the charge to sticker music with the moniker “explicit”.  This changed the way that retail chains would choose to stock music according to content. This group decided for nation that certain popular music should be marked as appropriate or inappropriate. Years later this has resulted in video games baring the marks of the work of twenty years before.

While broadly speaking I’m not that concerned about whether or not you can download apps with PG-13 images, it’s yet another reminder that Apple controls everything you can do on their latest slate of devices. I am concerned that Big Brother is once again commenting on what a person can freely do with his or her time. I think freedom of speech takes hits every day in this world of “political correctness”.  The removal of the applications was just that. It was a company fearing that they were not being politically correct. They should not be allowed to tell anyone what they can place on an individual’s personal item. That would be to me the equal of someone coming into my home and switching a television channel while I am watching because they think it’s inappropriate. If you are a consenting adult no should make that choice for you. This is company’s knee jerk reaction.

I have always said that I don’t have to agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it. I don’t have to appreciate your art form in order, no matter how tasteless it is, for you to create it. Yes, there are fine lines to what art is and isn’t. In this case, I think they are acting out of the need to censor.  If there is a market for it someone will buy it, download it and view it. That’s not my business and definitely shouldn’t be part of big business. How  much more is  Big  Brother going to monitor? How much will you allow?

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