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I sometimes wonder why having to change something in my life is so difficult and I think I may have figured it out.  You see it takes a while before we become familiar with something or someone. Sometimes it’s like years of trial in era taking baby steps towards getting comfortable just being in that place or with that person. We even find ourselves questioning if we are even worthy of this new space in our lives? Just about the time that we get over all of these hurdles we then realize it’s time to let go or move on to something new. Can you imagine working so hard to get to a place of comfort only to be told that it’s time to leave it all! Such is life and such is the timetable of life that requires seasons to change rather we like it or not. The worst thing you can do when seasons change is try not to change with it. So now how or what does one do about all this change, change, change in life without going insane, crazy, or just plan old depress? Well here are a couple of things that I have learn throughout the years of having to face many and I do mean many changes in my life.

One of the first things that helped me move on was letting go. I know it seems elementary but letting go can be very advanced for the average person if he’s not healthy enough mentally to realize there is “more” to life if he/she would but give it a chance. Letting go means releasing the benefits and rejections of that situation. It means that that person or situation no longer entertains you any more because you realize there is more to the joke. Can you imagine going to the same comedy show and laughing on cue every time for 30 years? That’s what some of us have limited our lives to. Just one big same old same old comedy show laughing even before the punch line, but you have to understand that just down the road are more comedy shows some with laughter, music, and a special something just for you. Now I’m not saying your life is a “joke” by any means I’m just drawing a parallel with the idea of having a very full and entertaining life. It’s ok to let go of what hurts you. Let go of what bothers you, and let go of all the things you think you need about that situation. I can tell you it’s not easy but definitely worth it if you will but push yourself to do so.

The other thing is to stop judging ourselves based on the pass. I find myself many times not even able to take compliments because of going through my list of all the mistakes and things I have gotten wrong through the years. God doesn’t expect you to live according to your entire history. The bible says He forgets those things once we ask forgiveness for them. We have to do the same thing and that is “forgive” ourselves and say it’s ok to be wrong sometimes. If you get this lesson right you will find yourself not going into new relationships with so many guards up.  We have these inner thoughts that can destroy our future thus causing for little to no change. So instead of thinking “oh but you don’t know the mistakes I’ve made” you should have thoughts like “ I’m so looking forward to a fresh start with you.” Maybe the fact is the change that is before you is really just what you need in this season of your life. Accept change, own it, and embrace your new chapter in life however small it may be. I now love the fact that this gift of life given to me is a great opportunity to go from one great moment to another and I want to encourage you to do the same!

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