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Simple Ways To Enjoy Your Life


It is amazing how incredible life becomes when you can access the mind of God about your purpose and destiny.  Then with great conviction, commit your life’s energy and attention to it.  God so wants every one of us to wake up everyday within the parameters of his purpose.

This is where life is fun.  For within the constraints of his will you discover the real meaning of favor and grace.  I am so encouraged, knowing that all challenges and all battles are within the arena of God’s awesome presence.  All we have to do is choose him and pursue him with passionate intent.  Here are several pieces of advice:

1.  Isolate the positive thoughts in your mind and feed them with attention and activity.

2.  Enjoy people who enjoy you.  Someone out there loves being with you, find them.

3.  Try something that makes you stretch.

4.  Develop the spirit of appreciation.  Learn to value what matters to you

5.  Finally, Celebrate God’s grace through Jesus Christ.  Thank God for your daily second chance.

To Whom Shall We Go?

Listen, life is meant to be enjoyed so let’s do that.  Love who God is making you and love what God has you presently doing.  Give it your best.  Make today, this weekend, next week, next month, year, next decade the best yet.   As Donald Lawrence was wrote, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”.  So live life like God has granted you the most precious gift, and know that God will do incredible things with and through you.

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