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Recently I was with a group of friends trying to explain what having faith meant. It was a very interesting conversation because even I had to think for a second in a practical way that very thing, “What does faith mean?”  Many people who are not Christians refer to who I am as a part of a religion or they see it as religious where as I see who I am and what I do as a lifestyle of faith or faith in God. I’m not sure what side of the spectrum you’re on but I do know that regardless of what you think or believe at some point you will have to make sense of what it is you believe or don’t believe in this life.  Many times what we really don’t understand is the thing that really haunts us and the things that really want to do we are afraid of. It’s in these moments that I grab a hold of my faith in God and allow Him to work through me by showing forth strength beyond my ability.  If you want great you’ve got to be ok with great and if you want more out of life you’ve got to first believe that you can have more.

Every person lives in quiet desperation of that next level. Rather you are a lawyer looking to make partner or a cashier at Burger King looking to become a manager either way to desire more is the natural make up of what it means to be alive. Being alive will cause you to thirst for more, better, and greater things. Being alive will cause for you to seek that something that will say I know there is more to this life that I have.  At some point you’ve got to get ready to go beyond “you” meaning going beyond your ability, your natural thoughts, and your breaking point. Some times I have wanted to give up on all that was my life. Even now I find myself sometimes asking the question when, where, and how?  It’s in these moments that I lean towards the belief in a God that’s not against me but for me. That’s the other big misconception that I think non-Christians have about Christianity, that we all are trying to make sure we keep God happy so He doesn’t destroy us. Of course if you hear some people preach in church that is certainly how you may think God is.  But the truth is this, “God is worthy of trusting.”

I have faith in God because He has faith in me. Think about it why would anyone trust or believe in something or someone that doesn’t believe in them? Not me so don’t get us Christians wrong we are not poor, dumb, and in need for a security blanket. We really have experienced the love and support from a real God with real feelings. If we even went a little deeper and understood the Holy Spirit we would know that He is type of being with feeling and emotions that’s why you can sometimes actually “feel” the presence of God.  If it sounds like I am going on about something that is basic but personal you are right because that’s what this blog is about. It’s about saying to all those with friends that you just don’t know how to communicate this “Jesus” thing to. What you should do is speak from the heart of what you believe and why. That yes sometimes you too have doubts and want to quit but something inside says to hold on. That sometimes you too, wonder is God listening but yet you find the faith to know that He may not come through when you want Him to but He’s always on time. Faith in God is still one of the most reliable things in this life. I am not mad at anybody I’m just saying when you get to the end of “you” and there is no one else to call try a little faith in God and see what happens. What do you have to loose?

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