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I have been thinking a lot about why more people don’t take the time to say hello to love ones and to friends. I myself have been guilty of not calling my mom who’s now up in age as much as I ought to. Here she is the one who gave birth to me and now that my father has passed the only parent I have left alive. You would think ten minutes out of my day would not be asking too much to say a quick hello and I love you? Well what’s your story further more what’s your excuse as to why you don’t reach out more often than you do? Whatever your answer may be I want to encourage you to recognize the importance of each little “moment in life.”  I know this may sound tedious to some or just plan cheesy to others but if you think about it life is only a sum total of moments that have taken place over a period of time. What would have happen had you not had that one moment when you caught the eye of your then first love and now wife? Your children wouldn’t be here today, the love and support you have experienced over all these years would have never been there. And that is just one example of a thousands moments per day that we take for granted on a regular basis.

Moments are simple yet powerful short spans of time that offer unique encounters on all different levels. Some are more special than other but yet all are important. Life happens rather you like it or not the sun comes up and then back down and another day is gone. What you do with that day or how you spend it is of course up to you. Now think about taking one day and breaking it down into a thousand moments or for some of you twenty thousand moments. With each separation take in what that moment meant to you and what it feels like. Ask yourself questions like, does this make me happy or sad and why? You can even go as far as falling in love with or making certain moments your favorite. This kind of interaction with life causes for you to have zeal to come back the next day to experience it all over again. And isn’t that how it should be anyway? Shouldn’t you want to live and look forward to your tomorrow as oppose to dreading getting out of bed and moving on with your life much less enjoy it? My belief is that yes you can and should be enjoying a full life and a bountiful heart as you go through each day you are alive.

I think we have grown up watching too many movies with violence. I was at a theater the other day and the film had so many of the main characters die off. I was so disappointed because I felt the movie celebrated death more than it did life. There is a saying that says, “Small hinges open big doors.” I believe that’s how life works because it’s all the small moments that you may have been taking for granted that make the big dreams a reality. A break in a quiet coffee shop, a walk in a near by park, or a handshake with a complete stranger can make a world of difference. How about the smile of a stranger’s baby sitting next to you in a restaurant or the wind on your face as you race your way to your car. In these simple “on my way to my next big thing” moments you can find such peace, rest, and a new zeal for life. I never realized how much I loved my father until he was gone. I never realized how much fun I had in college until I graduated and moved on. What will you realize after something is over in your life? Hopefully it will be nothing because you’re going to take my seize the moment advice!

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