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Ever wrote a song? OK, today, right now try. I know, I know, you’re not a song writer – or maybe you’re not a prolific songwriter, but check this out. You could be one of the vessels God is using to get his songs in the earth. Alright, I know you are probably thinking where is this coming from? I read the beginning of the book “90 Minutes in Heaven”. This is an account of Don Piper who was clinically dead for 90 minutes after his car collided with a semi-truck.

I won’t get into his whole account of his time in heaven but one thing struck me. He mentioned that while in heaven he heard music – not just any music but thousands of songs playing at once. The thing that was ironic was because Heaven has no confusion, those songs were playing simultaneously making one beautiful sound. Don mentioned that there were no sad songs like “Old Rugged Cross” and the like. He also mentioned he recognized some of the songs but didn’t recognize others. It’s the ones he didn’t recognize that got me thinking.

What if some of those songs were had not made it to earth yet? What if some of those songs were not meant for mass consumption on earth? What if when I get to heaven a couple of the simple songs that I sang in the shower are some of the songs pumped through the Angelic sound system? I mean imagine, what I thought was small, God has already put to orchestral arrangement with a million voices singing it. There is no profit in Heaven so how it manifests here is inconsequential to its importance and magnitude there.

OK, I admit you may think I am biased because I am a professional song writer. Aside from that, my wife and I are avid music lovers. My wife and I, after reading about Don’s account, now identify songs by saying “that’s one of them” meaning that’s one of the songs among the songs playing in heaven. Chris Tomlin, Kirk Franklin and even guys like me are used by God as human iPods. iPods only play music that is placed inside them. Here is what I think is a deep thought, any iPod that is connected to a computer with the proper iTunes account can download music from that account. Well, if you are a Christian you have the right account to download and play music. So really if you think about it, you, me, Kirk Franklin, and Chris Tomlin, and others aren’t really song writers but we are players of music that has been downloaded into us. Some can’t download the songs that we can because they don’t have the right account. So, back to my first question. Ever wrote a song? OK, today, right now try!!

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