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Any person who has come close to encountering their spiritual selves knows that sooner or later, fear becomes a wall that is seemingly impossible to break through.

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Embarking on the spiritual journey is like sailing alone out on the ocean to explore the unknown. Like all explorers we are drawn to discover what is waiting out there without knowing if we have the courage to face it; for all we know there could be monsters or tidal waves lurking in our near future.

Fear is omnipresent and universal. Even plants and tiny insects feel fear. It is a natural part of being alive; fearing the unknown. We fear loneliness and death and the end. Our fear becomes more and more heightened as we realize the truth about life.

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The truth is, there is no escaping fear. It is a part of who we are, and we must embrace it. We must get to know fear. Become familiar with fear, look it straight in the eye, and gain the courage to keep moving even with the fear completely present. So the next time you encounter fear, consider yourself lucky. This is where courage comes in and takes over. We think of heroes as people who have no fear, when in reality they are intimate with fear. A true hero’s fear could be considered as being a complete coward, however, the hero faces the fear by going ahead and doing anything anyhow.

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