Embracing inner peace

Source: Delmaine Donson / Getty

Welcome to the Elev8 community!

In preparation for this launch, I’d been pondering what “elevate” means to different people. For me, it resonates with notions of process and mindfulness — core values that underpin our spiritual and wellness hub rooted in mind, body, spirit and culture. As we embody the journey of everyday believers looking to grow, Elev8 exists to encourage personal development that manifests self-awareness, physical wellbeing and a connected community.

From faith-based dialog spanning health/wellness, entertainment, relationships, travel, food, and beyond, consider the offerings an extension of your daily support system — a trusted guide here to help you elevate spiritually and personally.

Every aspect of Elev8 is purposeful, from our dedicated team to our choice of topics, even down to the symbolism in our logo — notably the infinity symbol and our calming green color scheme. Green symbolizes peace, security, prosperity, wealth, growth, and harmony — all values we wholeheartedly embrace.

At Elev8, our calling is in the name: Elevate.

We’re excited for you to join us on this exciting journey of spiritual enrichment, self-discovery, and community-building. Here’s to embracing the power of God and the power within yourself!

-Aliya Faust

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