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Let’s face it: Dinner and movie dates can get boring. But imagine the thrill of trying something new that could lead to a meaningful connection. Let me help you embrace that excitement in 2024 by offering four alternative date ideas to get to know someone.

Movie dates lack the personal touch that can make a date genuinely memorable. They feel like minimal effort, and you can’t get to know someone during a dark, 90-minute, no-talking movie. Dates should be a chance to connect with someone, and I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t appreciate it when their date puts thought and effort into planning. Ultimately, the best dates are carefully thought out and planned.

Let me suggest various alternative date ideas to help you get to know someone without breaking the bank. From outdoor activities like hiking and picnics to cultural experiences like planning a thematic food tour to fun and interactive options like an escape room, there’s something for everyone.

1. Hiking + Picnic

Even though I consider myself a city girl (New York City, to be exact), I would enjoy a hiking + picnic date, and many ladies would agree. While this might not be the best idea for a first date (walking in the woods with a stranger might be a bit much), it could be perfect for a second or third date (if things go well, of course). I’ve scoured the internet and asked my outdoorsy friends for the top hiking trails for first-time hikers in the most popular U.S. cities, so you don’t have to:

  • Delaware Water Gap – NJ/PA. Length: 6 miles
  • Vickery Creek Trail at Roswell Mill – Atlanta, GA. Length: 3 miles
  • O’melveny Park, Los Angeles, CA. Length: 3 miles
  • Houston Arboretum – Houston, TX. Length: 3 miles
  • Snow Lake – King County, WA. Length: 6-8 miles
  • Clear Creek Trail – Golden, CO. Length: 1.8 miles

After an easy-moderate hike, take out your packed bites and enjoy a conversation. This date idea offers a chance to enjoy nature and provides a setting for deeper conversations and getting to know each other more personally.

2. Escape Rooms

I’m secretly a geek, but it’s not such a secret anymore. I love things and conversations that make me think. You know, I’m an intellectual girly. In recent years, escape rooms have become a huge craze for people. If you’ve never been to an escape room, let me explain what it is: You are time-locked in a thematic-based room with clues but no rules on how to get out; based on your ability to problem solve and work as a group, you can either escape the room or not. Escape rooms have made it easy for coworkers to break the ice and family members to bond with one another and find out who the smart cousin really is. Why not an escape room for an alternative date idea? Escape rooms are the perfect alternative date idea to learn how well your date responds under pressure.

3. Comedy Show

Do they have a sense of humor? What are their views on controversial topics? Do you both align on particular views? Most comedy shows pull the bandaid off of controversial topics, and the elephant in the room disappears. Not only can you observe your date’s non-verbal cues during the comedy set, but after the show is a great time to get to know their true feelings. A comedy show is also a great date idea to see if the person you are interested in has a sense of humor. Can they laugh at a joke? Overall, you may want to spend time with someone you can laugh with, and a comedy show is the perfect place to assess that.

4. Plan a Thematic Mini-Food Tour

There’s this running joke that women never know what they want to eat (this is not a proven fact); however, there is a common belief or stereotype that some women often struggle to decide on a meal. Despite this, a mini-food tour is the perfect date idea that sidesteps this stereotype. Instead of narrowing a date down to one restaurant, give your date all the options. You can select a theme for the tour, perhaps a Tapas Tasting Tour. Plan the route you want to take for the tour, choose the restaurants in that area (considering reviews, ambiance, and price range), make reservations considering the timing, and plan for any disruptions.

So, why not give it a try? Plan your next date using one of these ideas and see how it goes. You might find yourself building a meaningful connection with someone special.


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