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A non-profit is teaming up with a long-running Netflix series to further the spread of the message of Jesus Christ.

The Come and See Foundation has made it its mission to dub and translate “The Chosen” into as many languages as possible. The show is available to watch in 50 languages so far. Come and See plans to do the same for 550 more languages.

No TV show has ever been translated into that many languages. Netflix alone can dub shows into about three dozen languages; but most of its offerings on the platform can be viewed in French, German, Polish, Italian, Turkish, Castilian Spanish, Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Come and See wants to reach 1 billion people with “The Chosen.” The show tells the story of Jesus through the eyes of his disciples. There’s special care to accurately translate what’s happening, so audiences of different backgrounds can watch Jesus walk on water, heal the sick and preach the Good News in their own language. During the dubbing or translating process, Come and See seeks out pastors, Bible translators and Bible scholars who speak that language.

“Our prayer is that this series will be used by God to have a meaningful impact around the world and introduce many to the hope that is only found in Jesus,” Rick Dempsey Sr., a vice president at Come and See, told Christianity Today.

The most-watched translation of “The Chosen” so far is Brazilian Portuguese. The first 2 episodes of season 4 were shown on 1,100 screens across Brazil and viewed by 275,000 people. Additional dubbed versions of the show are currently available on an app (Hyperlink: It can take Come and See between 3 and 5 months to translate a season of “The Chosen” into a new language.

The creators behind “The Chosen” plan to produce 3 more seasons. The translation of the show will go on for years after that.